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DBM-p1278 panel zoom-U8 Special :icondbzwarrior:DBZwarrior 17 2 Gift : Fancards :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 28 30 DBM-p1291 panel zoom-U8 Special :icondbzwarrior:DBZwarrior 15 0 Black Vegetto Super Saiyan Rose 3 :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 153 77 Fallout 3: Virtue to Vice :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 8,924 869 DBM-p1286 panel zoom-U8 Special :icondbzwarrior:DBZwarrior 18 2
Alex Mercer vs Garou II Preview, or Prologue
I'm not doing this because there was an oversight. Yup. Definitely not.
I assure you. Please don't look at me like that

MrEpicOSTS - One Punch Man A Serious Punch or Two Steps from Hell - Run Like Hell
The ground shook with enough force to move a couple cars off the ground. It didn't take long for another quake of a similar magnitude to occur again. Repeatedly it continues with slowly increasing frequencies. The source of it wasn't even anywhere close yet it could be felt all the way over here.
At least that's what this injured survivor hoped. Limping across the street he trembled in both pain and fear but kept on going. Whatever that cause was he couldn't see it but he needed to escape. He knew if he stopped that he would die within minutes. Maybe even seconds. There was not a single moment to be wasted. If he can get outside of the city...
"Ah... Shit..."
The ground suddenly shook a lot more frequently with a louder rumbling. From afar he could witnes
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 6 9
Vegeto VS Grand Priest :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 314 124 DBM-p1278 panel zoom 2-U8 Special :icondbzwarrior:DBZwarrior 32 5 An epic battle between gods :iconaccelerator16:Accelerator16 76 15 OPM Saitama VS Evil Saitama :iconzerosenpie:ZeroSenPie 141 26
Tag Team Beatdown: Saitama and Juggernaut

Bio: In the cross dimensional tournament there came many fighters of different sizes and skills but none quite as unassuming as the hero for fun Saitama. Deciding to enter the honestly weirdly thought out tournament Saitama was hoping to finally find that challenge he's been searching for and so far?
He liked what he's seen plenty of strong fighters abound who could've given him some real trouble. Unfortunately they were all in a non-fighting area so he had to wait for someone to pick him. Yet again Saitama's unassuming appearance played against him as just everybody walked right by him under the assumption he was just some weirdo in a costume with no business being there.
Around the time Saitama saw a robot teaming up with someone else in a yellow outfit he overheard what sounded like someone yelling.
"Come on if the two of us got together we'd have this tournament under our thumb easily." The large man in bronze armor yelled at the oth
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 19 14
All we're looking for is a good fight: Part 2
Breloom: Um...We've really not sure what to do now since well....we've never done a two parter before...
Mewtwo: Lets just get back to the fight.
Doom: Now continue to entertain DOOM with the next part of the DEATH BATTLE!!!
Breloom: Also here's part one for you guys who missed it!

Genos turned to face the face only to get a powerful ki infused punch to the face. Genos was launched by the power of the punch but was still in control of himself as he flipped in the air landing on his feet. Oni was already in Genos's face before the cyborg could even think out a plan of attack. Genos quickly ducked under a punch from Oni and nearly fell over from a second surprise kick. 
Oni spun aroun
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 69 121
All we're looking for is a good fight: Part 1
Breloom: Alright we've analyzed our combatants to their cores and looked at it from every angle
Mewtwo: and considered every possibility.
Doom: Now entertain DOOM with a DEATH BATTLE!!!!


City-Z Local Park, April-16th-2016, Noon

It was a nice day in City-Z the sun was shining the was just that right temperature where you could wear whatever you want and not freeze of overheat. It was nice enough for people to forget that they could die any day from a near daily monster attack. In fact even the park was a lively place with various friendly individuals going about their business. There were joggers getting their daily exercise, mothers gossiping while "watching" their kids play nearby, a large man in a black gi sitting on a large rock in meditation, and a few kids playing kin
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 58 51
Death Battle - Limit Breaking Human Monsters

Continuing from....

One Punch Man Full Opening English - Jonathan Young Cover
J-City wasn’t that far from H-City. Only a couple of miles. It was already abandoned by both infected and heroes alike due to the bad placement of the city. The surviving seafolk could attack from the sea and ambush any faction there. The numerous underground subways didn’t make things easier for humans, while the geological location allowed for the Heroes Association to repeatedly bombard any infected inside the city. Basically a No-Man’s land-esque area with how neither faction cared about this place. A perfect place to bring a fight there uninterrupted.
Garou glanced back time to time as he moved, effortlessly dodging anything on his way. Abandoned cars, destroyed tanks, trees,  boulders, all of them he weaved through without even slowing down. He was more focused on keeping an eye on his relentles
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 41 77
Death Battle - Alex Mercer vs Garou

Metal Slug 3 OST - The Midnight Wandering
An apocalypse.
That was what happened to Japan. It came from out of nowhere like many brutal incidents that have caused so much destruction to the world such as the moon nearly falling on China. Numerous cities have already fallen to the new attackers if not to the disease that has been spreading lately. The monsters that have rose up could've been called zombies but it was much worse than that. This wasn't just a simple zombie apocalypse. This was the rise of the infected army that occurred in the past before. Armies of infected hordes and titans happening all over Japan.
If anything it was more like an invasion of the infected. A carefully strategized plan that happened months after the prophecy. It wasn't Disaster Level God, but the sheer amount of Disaster Level Demons and Dragons could stack up to it. The Heroes Association couldn't expect this amount of chaos out of nowhere... Yet th
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 33 69


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